26 Calle del Resaca


Property Status: 






House size: 

1,235 Sq Ft

Lot size: 

4,791 Sq Ft

Year built: 


Last updated on

January 31, 2022 - 1:12pm

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(415) 868-0717

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Location, location, location!

No one goes to the beach to be burdened. We go for the simplicity, to put our backs to accountability and face new, distant horizons. Even though that feeling is harder than ever to come by, this classic, oceanfront Stinson Beach escape gets you as close as possible. Standing in the sand, enveloped in the perpetual white noise of the frothing beach break, this three-bedroom beach abode ensures you’ll never miss a sunset. A lengthy deck sits a few feet above the sand, and friends and visitors will flood their feeds with pictures from it. Interior living spaces come alive with natural light. Adjacent to San Francisco and at the foot of so much outdoor recreation potential, from mountain biking and surfing to kayaking and road cycling.